Inuyasha Spoiler:


In the episode"Kagomes voice and Kikyos kiss"Inuyasha hugs and kisses Kikyo and shekisses back,knocking him out
while because of a spell,an INVISIBLE Kagome watches.After Kagome revives Inuyasha and Kikyo is dispeled,they return to camp and Kagome is mad.Miroku asked"whats wrong with Kagome,Inuyasha?"Inuyasha replies"I think Kagome saw Kikyo and I together..." "WHAT, YOU DID THAT INFRONT OF KAGOME,ABSOLUTLY GHASTLY!"Miro replies"well how do you explain what you do with women?"said Inuyasha
Then both Shippo and Miroku ask him wich women(Kagome or Kikyo) will he choose.He answers"I dont suppose i could have them both"
"It is a dilemma all men such as ourselves go through,and remember, it can ber an entire disaster if either women find out."Miroku replies
Kagome heard this from where she was sleeping near by and says SIT BOY(there is magic necklace around his neck the he was tricked into puting on that if a preistess says Sit Boy(play on words,Inuyasha is a Dog Demon)he is thrown to the ground,and kagome beinga reincarnaition of Kikyo, counts)and he was thrown to the ground. Submitted by Kyru

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