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InuYasha/ Hmm, are his feelings starting to show?

In Episode 13, The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black Haired InuYasha, InuYasha's time of weakness is at hand. You see every new moon InuYasha turns fully human. When InuYasha is sick with fever from poison from the Spider-Head leader he lies down on the floor next to Kagome. This was after Kagome had saved InuYasha from the the that Spider guys clutches.

Okay here it is now but remember I can't always remember every word but I always catch the words that give the basic jist of what they are saying.

InuYasha asks her "Kagome, why were you crying?" She looked confused for a second, then he said "When you saved me?"

Kagome says "Because I thought I might lose you"
InuYasha said something along the lines of "I am grateful. You shed tears for me. Kagome if its not to much trouble may I lie on your lap?"

Kagome says "Uhh Sure"

InuYasha says (while lying on Kagome's lap)"Kagome you smell kinda nice"

Kagome replies that "Wait wait, earlier you made it appoint to telling me that I didn't smell good at all"

InuYasha then says "I did..but I was lying"

AWWWWWWW. He lies in her lap! He says she smells good! Are his feelings starting to show? :-) Submitted by InuYasha Fan_Moonlight Shine

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