Inuyasha Spoiler:

Naraku/Inuyasha/Kagome/Naraku Jr./An old youkai

Okay, well accually, this is a couple spoilers in one.

1)In volume 29, Naraku is successfull in producing a human heart offspring. The offspring looks like an evil,creepy baby.

2)Kagura and Naraku Jr. try to control Kagomes' soul in the same volume to use her eyes in order to find the last shikon shard. At first the evil baby succeeds in causing a spot of darkness in Kagome's otherwise pure soul. When Kagura tries to insert a tainted shard into Kagome's forehead, it doesn't go in. Naraku Jr. tries to talk to Kagome again about Inuyasha and Kikyou. Kagome gets snapped out of her spell, is extremely angry. She starts to shout and moments before Inuyasha finds Kagome, Kagome shouts"NO!I LOVE INUYASHA!" Inuyasha of course, doesn't hear her. Dang!

3)Earlier on in the volume, it looks like Naraku pushes Kikyou down a crack in the ground. I think she came back to life in Volume 30 though... CHIKUSO! >-<

4)At the end of one of the last chapters of volume 29, Naraku asks this really ugly old demon if he can hear where the last shikon shard is. The old youkai says that it is between this world and the spritual world. I think he means, in order to get the jewel, you have to be dead first. Not good for the Inu-tachi gang,is it? Submitted by kagomes hope

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