Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo, Miroku

In the episode "Kagomes voice and Kikyos kiss" an invisible Kagome (due to a spell) has to watch as Kikyo trys to trick Inuyasha and drag him to the afterlife with herself, the whole thing is a little love scene between Kikyo and Inuyasha. Well Kikyo kisses Inuyasha nocking him out. After all that (not going to say how that ends) Kagome is mad at Inuyasha because of what she saw. Later she goes through the well, still pretty mad, and Miroku and Inuyasha talk about the stuff. Kagome comes back because she forgot her stuff and over hears Inuyahsa say somthing like "Why can't i have both of them?" and Miroku is talks about what would happen if eather of the two found out. Kagome then yells "SIT!!!" and Miroku says "yes, a big sit, huh" Submitted by Tristanm

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