Inuyasha Spoiler:


Ok, im not real sure what episode this is but its before Sango steals the Tetsusaiga from InuYasha... ok, this is funny... ok so Kagome and Sango find a hot spring(or just a normal spring(im not positive)) in the woods while Miroku and InuYasha are talking about serious buisness by the fire. Sango asks Kagome if they should go in and Kagome sez that InuYasha and Miroku are 2 deep in conversation to notice so they get in. The girls then hear some shrubs moving and say "InuYasha you pervert" or somthing like that and throw a rock at it and hit either Kilala, Shippo, or some other small animal (again... i'm not sure) and the girls r then like OMG im so sorry or somthin. InuYasha and Miroku... hearing their screams... come over in a flash and go "What's wrong!" and then get nailed straight in the head by both girls, lol. Inu and Miroku go bak to the fire while they speak:
InuYasha:"What did they do that for, we were only trying to help?"
Miroku: "Yea, but it sure was worth the pain my friend, that was a beutiful sight."<----lol

again these may not be the exact words but either way its still funny.<----lmao Submitted by Phoenix Phlame

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