Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sango and Miroku CUTE!

In this episode ( not sure which #) theres a bunch of cutsie moments between Sango and Miroku! well anyway the whole yasha gang was doing their daily travels when they come across a prince! turns out this prince was in love with Sango after she had done some demon extermenating for him! well anyway they end up going back to the princes home and they have lunch with him, the prince calmly tell Sango his feelings right in front of Miroku and the others? Sango blushes at first then she looks worried and looks towards Miroku! Miroku trying to hide how he really feels acts like he is uneffected! but then later the prince talks with Sango and asks her to marry him! and guess who was spying on them! lol well hearring this makes Miroku feel bad and all then Kagome comes up out of no where and tells him to tell Sango how he feels! but Miroku acts like he doesn't know what shes talking about! ..later Sango still hasn't made up her mind but she takes a little stroll late at night and sees who eles Miroku sitting quietly all alone! she approaches him and he says some things about the prince then he gets real close to her face almost kissing range and says i want you to be happy Sango then he smiles and walks away saying be happy!Sango is stunned by that and thinks about all of this until a demon attacks from no where Sango completely defencless well until and certain Monk comes and carries her away lol ! anyway they kill the demon and later Sango tells the prince her descion shes says no of course, and Miroku becomes cheerful again gee i wonder why lol ! anyways they start leaving the castle and Sango walks with a lil pink umbrella ( i dunno why lol) but she walks up beside Miroku and and shares it with him and they both look at each othe and smile! then he puts a move on her lol and she walks ahead of him frustraited ..but wait then she stops and giggles and smiles and Miroku smiles back awwwwwww ! sry bout my bad grammer hope you enjoyed it! Submitted by Crystal

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