Inuyasha Spoiler:

The demon guys are HOW old!?!?!

Okay, now its time to ansure the day old question,How old are they? Well Inu-Yasha for you people who dont know he is about 515 years old (give or take five or six years). Okay all you Sesshoumaru fans here is Uncle Fluffy's age he is about 717 years old. Wow the bro's are old! But just so you know Inu-Yasha in human years is actualy Kagome's age he even says so (Don't ask me where I found that out he says it in some episode)he is 15 in human years. For you people who don't belive me just think (and wtch for the episode) if he was the same age in human years as he was in demon years then he would be wrinkled and eatting heart pills! Okay now for the Naraku fans, lets do the math shall we? He ws about 24 when he was being treated by Kikyou, then fifty years pass (Inu-Yasha on the tree and Kikyou's death Kagome comes into the well)not to mention lets fastforward to after they get the jewel together (I'm sure if this time is right) 3 years pass so thats like 77 years old! Poor poor Kikyou, she has a old man as a stalker. To bad. Oh and Kikyou is still the same age as she was when she died you don't age after death. Submitted by Dianna McCarthy

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