Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sesshomaru's Tenseiga

Sesshomaru has a sword named Tenseiga which doesn't harm but heals. Totosai forged him it, 'cause Sesshy's father told him to make him one too. Sesshomaru tested it on Jaken and he freaked out because he didn't know about Tenseiga much. Here it is:

Sesshomaru: You want to know, Jaken?

Jaken: *I don't know what he says!* I don't mean you're useless master Sesshoamru your sword is, don't take tat personal!!

Sesshomaru: Jaken?

Jaken: Y-yes s-s-ir? *whimpers turning around, seeing Sesshomaru takin Tenseiga out*

Sesshomaru: *slashes Jaken*

Jaken: Mmaster Seshhomaru?! WHY????

(wind blows)

Sesshomaru: Get up, Jaken. You're fine.

Jaken:.........b-but I don't understand! You just cut me in half a-and-

Sesshomaru: You see, Jaken. This sword doesn't kill.

Jaken: ????

That's all I remember. Thank you.
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