Inuyasha Spoiler:

After Kagome's shards are stolen

Kagome's shards are stolen by Kikyo. She is working for Niraku who is trying to get the shikon jewel(blah blah we all know the story). But what you may not know is that Kikyo says YOU and Inuyasha are not so different. You want the shikon jewel to hide the scars of your past. YOu know that you are only half demon!
Of course he starts to look nervous. THe nhe asks Kikyo why she got the shards for him and she just leaves the room. I think she might have said take them or leave them, your choice. But she really has a plan. Once he gathers all the shards, the jewel's power will kill him.And she will be free to love, and free to hate.

WHat about freedom to eat pizza? Submitted by Maddi

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