Inuyasha Spoiler:

tetsaiga inuyasha sesshomaru

Inuyasha's sword the tetsaiga, has the power to eliminate 100 demons with one swing.Inuyasha is unable to master this technique
until the man who made the sword, and forged it from Inuyasha's father's fang, explains to him about the wind scar.Once inuyasha is able to see the wind scar when using the sword he is able to use the sword's full power with his own will.

Inuyasha's father left the sword for him so that he would be able to protect his mother and humans from his brother and other demons.The sword will only come to life when Inuyaha is isn it consciously to protect a human.

The sword is useless and dull otherwise.The sword may only be weilded by a half breed or full human.The sword has a protection from the hand of demons when they try to use it.The sword was hidden inside his father's grave in his very carcas.

Only a human can release the sword from it's standing. Sesshomaru wishes he could take possession of the sword. Submitted by Darkhairdinu

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