Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha 2nd Movie: NOT ABOUT THE KISS

In the 2nd movie, Kagome and Inuyasha bump into Houjou's ancestor in the fuedal era, Akitoki.

Akitoki was on his way to Mt. Fuji to throw in the "Feathered Robe of the Heavens" so that a great catostrophe wouldn't happen.

One night they were resting up and he was watching Inuyasha and Kagome talking near the campfire.

Akitoki started talking to Shippou and said "Was it an impossible love? While I was traveling I saw Kagome and I thought she was a tennyo (like a godess from heaven). I think I have a crush on her."

Shippou put on an evil face and threatened to tell Kagome. Akitoki didn't want her to know, so Shippou bargained with him and said "If you want me to keep it a secret, you will be my servant from now on!" Submitted by Angee

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