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Inuyasha Spoiler:

kagome {controled} trie to KILL INUYASHA!!!

inuyash fights these moths and a really bad guy. the moths have a sleep powder. kagome holds her breth as inu fights. she can't hold it any longer and faints. inu the man runs away and inu takes kagome to kikyos little sister. when kagome fainted a moth fainted and put a controling thing on her. kagome atacks the town and goes to find inuyasha. inuyasha sees her and smiles she run to him and they hug. all of a sudden her finger nails are long and yellow. she stick them right threw inuyasha {that gotta hurt}. next she kicks him in the sweet spot and he tumbles back. he look at her for head and sees something glowing. he realizes that she is being controled. {duh} he tries to doge but she is really fast now. she beats the u know what out of him. the her arrows appear. she is about to finish him but the begins to get baxk control. she is yelling " NO I CAN'T KILL INUYASHA. I LUV HIMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" the man controling gives a big bost of power and fires. just before it hits inu she bracks through and the stuff falls out. she runs to his side put he is out cold. Submitted by tabi

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