Inuyasha Spoiler:

Movie 2 the Locket

In the second meovie some were near the beginning we see that Inuyasha and Kagome are arguing. Kagome had a heart shaped locket that she is tyring to give to him. Yet he won't take it saying that it is usless.

Kagome tells him that it had magic powers and put it around his neck. One of the two opens it and we see two pictures. One of Kagome yelling the sit comand from earier in the movie and one of Inuyasha about to attack the camera. (He thinks it is a demon.)

Well twards the end of the movie in the battle seen we see Inuyasha is wearing the locket hiden between his white kimono shirt thing and the red one.

Though as always Inuyasha is all huffy about the locket. Submitted by Rika-chan

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