Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kouga uses his sword!!

I'm sure most of you might alredy know this,buw oh well. I just love to be informitive, but in the Manga Kouga gets into a tight stituation (he keeps getting himself stuck), in what well I don't quite remember... But he draws his SWORD for the first time! I think this happens in the manga chapter 300 and something I don't remember, but I have the picture of Kouga using his sword in my hard drive...and if you want it please e-mail me! And i'll send it to you...

Anyway, Kouga says that he got the sword form a bandit (i think) that he killed and was just using it for decerations (I'm sorry fot the spelling) and didn't think that he would use a peace of crap...

I think that that's what he said...I'm not sure.

there is the link Submitted by Sango

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