Inuyasha Spoiler:

Funny Scene with Miroku/sango/kagome/Inu/perverted

OK, I saw a spoiler that was off about this so here is what REALLY happend: Kagome and Sango go into the hotspring right by where they were bushes were conceling the hot spring so the boys couldn't see. So Miroku and Inuyasha and Talking by the fire backs to the hot spring,
Then it changes scenes to Kagome and Sango talking, Sango is just getting in. It's hard for veiwers to notice but yes the bushes are very, very lightly moving. *I couldn't notice but....* So Sango has a rock in her hand tossing it and catching it for a sec and yells, "you like that pervert?!?!" As she throws the rock. Kagome and Sango stand up to see what it is and they see it hit a monkey and Mirku and Inuyasha Mover there heads over the bushes to see what happend and the girls, im not sure it it was rock or there hands, there Hit them like nothin' else. And It shows inyuasha and miroku back at the fire place with big bumps on there heads. Inuyasha had his hads in his sleeves and said, " What did I do? Your the perverted one. Miroku sight and says, " It was woth the pain, that was a beautiful sight we just saw." Submitted by InuyashasGirl16

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