Inuyasha Spoiler:

Miroku & Sango on Hikuriezan-an attempted grope

To all Miroku fans everywhere. This is a real treat. There are three progressive clips from this episode that are hilarious. It seems that Miroku and Sango are going up the Hikuriezan which purifies evil and is protected by a powerful barrier. The barrier is so strong that even Miroku had difficulty with it in an earlier episode sparking a "How corrupt is this monk" from Inuyasha who was having less problems than Miroku.

On the way up the mountain Miroku is once again tempted to grope Sango's posterior, however the barrier prevents him. 3 times he tries vowing not to lose to this barrier. The final attempt is one for the ages. After the climactic battle between Kouga and the Shicinintai we see a closeup of Miroku's face saying "I WILL do it this time,...I WILL touch her!" His subsequent run up the mountain with outstretched hand as he attempts to make a grab for the soft backside of Sango, along with the fighting music as if it was a climactic scene, put me in stitches. The three progressive shots occur about 7 minutes, 10 minutes and 18 minutes into the show (the 18 is a bit circumspect). Excellent scene. Submitted by Silverhand

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