Inuyasha Spoiler:

InuYasha, Kagome, Shippo, and Miroku

The end of the episode Kagome's voice and Kikyo's kiss is really funneh.

Okay. After the whole Kikyo kissing InuYasha and trying to drag him down under thing is over, it shows Kagome storming to the well to go home. She trips over a rock and almost kicks it really far but doesnt(poor rock). Anyways, Kagome jumps in the well, and it goes to Miroku, InuYasha and Shippo watching her go. Miroku says "Well, she has left us once again. InuYasha, what exactly did you do to make Kagome so mad?" InuYasha replies "The same thing YOU do with women." Miroku says "UGH!!!! GHASTLY!! YOU DID THAT RIGHT INFRONT OF KAGOME??" Then InuYasha goes "Maybe you should EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO WITH WOMEN!!" Miroku shifts his eyes and retorts quickly "Oh...nothing!" InuYasha glances at Shippo as Shippo says someting like "Go after Kagome, you need her way more than you need Kikyo,"
Miroku: "Yeah InuYasha, maybe you should choose one. Which girl will it be?"
Right then, Kagome comes back through the well and says "Man, I stormed of so fast that I forgot all my things. CAN ANYONE HEAR ME UP THERE?" Then she hears Shippo and Miroku edging InuYasha to decide.
Miroku: "Answer!!!"
Shippo: "Which one?"
InuYasha pauses for a second, and says "I don't suppose I can have both of them."
Shippo: "You two timin-"
Miroku interupts Shippo and says "Well, every man like ourselfs end up in this sort of situtation. For if either girl were to find out-"
Then you hear Kagome "SIT!!!" and InuYasha fall.
Miroku: "That's right, BIG sit. Hmm?" He turns to find InuYasha on the ground head first in a very deep whole!

I always thought that was soooo funneh~! Submitted by InuYashaishott

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