Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sango first shows she loves Miroku..

In this episode after Miroku and Sango save a princess's soul from a demon. During that time Miroku almost kisses the demon princess and Sango gets realy mad. Sango kills the demon and they free the soul. During that time Inuyasha and Kagome talk about Miroku and Sango loveing each other. Inuyasha is unsure about it and for half the epi they talk about it while Sango and Miroku are figthing the demon. After the demon is killed and soul released Kagome tells miroku Sango has been depressed. Miroku goes to check up on Sango and finds her sitting next to a cheek tossing rocks at the fish. Sango talks a little about the battle then his *cough cough* uncontrolable gropeing. Kagome, Inu, And Shippo is in a hill nearby watching and Inu says "theres no way sango could love that letcherous guy" then Kagome says "isn't their a nice mood" and inu asks what a mood is (Dumb as usual). Miroku asks sango if she came cause she was worryed and sango says "of corse i worry... You lose your head to women and your lecherous mind takes over". Then miroku says "i couldn't leave a woman who might be in trouble". Sango then puts her hand on the ground and looks at miroku and says "Well im not jelous or anything". Then Miroku holds her hand that is on the ground her hand and says "more than any other girl". Miroku looks at Sango and says "Haveing you worryed about me makes me the happiest" while Inu and kagome are still watching. Sango turns around and puts hands up to face blushing a lot looking Very very happy(Some might say in love). Miroku looks at sango then down at her butt. he gropes her a lot then Sango has 5 veins poping out of head and thinks ~Man why couldn't you hug my shoulders or something like that~. "CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH IT!!!" Sango slaps miroku very very hard and shes annoyed with Miroku agian. ^_^ Miroku makes sango happy than ruins it. Submitted by Char Aznoble

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