Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sesshomaru and Jaken

Okay so Sesshomaru is going over his sword “Tenseiga” and Jaken is asking him what the sword does. Sesshomaru gives him a nice, sexy smile and says “Do you really want to know what this sword does?.” And than Sesshomaru takes the sword and slashes Jaken in the shoulder in a flash of a second. Jaken falls and is like “Lord Sesshomaru, but why!” And than Jaken falls to the ground and he looks like he is dead. But than Sesshomaru sheathes his sword and is like “Get up Jaken.” And Jaken gets up and looks at himself and is like “I’m alive!” I laughed soooooo hard! It’s kinda tough to see Sesshy-sama smile! Submitted by InuyashaEarsLuver

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