Inuyasha Spoiler:

Miroku + Sango + Another Fiancee = Trouble

In Volume 35 the Inuyasha Gang go to a village and meet up with another fiancee of Miroku's. Sango get's mad at him, and all that it implies. Later you find out that a fish [toad?] demon wants to marry the fiancee and tries to take her but she lies, saying that she already "joined" with Miroku. Then he gets mad and takes her anyway, but Sango comes in and saves her, gives her to her parents, but the then the toad demon thing grabs Sango and says that he'll make Sango his mistress instead. Then you see Miroku jump in, hit the demon with his staff, and grab the demon by his collar, saying "What did you say? Taking my woman...?" He looks pissed too. ^__^ Submitted by Jared

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