Inuyasha Spoiler:

Bakuryuuha kills Ryuukotsusuei

naraku breaks the seal of the fang that inu's dad used to seal Ryuukotsusuei,his arch rival,and ryuukotsusuei comes back to life............ ryuuu... almost kill inu yasha but inuyasha used the tetsuaiga's shealth(the sword holder thingee)to block the electrical ball of energy that ryuu.. fired. then ryuu... powers up a HUGE!!!ball of the thing i just told u about and he fires inu preforms the bakuryuuha and HUZZAH!!!!!!! TURN RYUU. INTO pieces. during the battle inu learns how to do kaze no kizu(i think that means the wind scar) anytime and make the tetsuaiga bakuryuuha is tetsuaiga ultimate attack(duh) Submitted by big fan of inu yasha

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