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The Woman Who Loved Sesshoumaru

Episodes 134 "The Woman Who Loved Sesshoumaru" is one of the most introspective episodes about Sesshoumaru to date, in my opinion. The entire one hour special basically deals with a girl named Sara who fell in love with Sesshoumaru (This whole setting takes place sometime after episode five, I believe, when Inuyasha cuts off Sesshoumaru's arm).

Sesshoumaru is wounded and goes through Sara's village in something of a foul mood (Tee hee!) tearing villagers to shreds and knocking tghe snot out of the decor. Sara sees him tearing through the village, and it's obvious to state she takes notice of him (And he's good looks, too! I mean, who couldn't?)

Sesshoumaru takes refuge in a forest nearby the village, where he is incapacitated for many days. Sara sees Sesshoumaru while walking through the forest one day, and becomes smitten with him. As she tells him, "There was no one in the world as beautiful as you, in that moment." She is too afraid to talk to him, and even though she picks flowers for him, she can't bring herself to give them to him. So she stays our of eyeshot, but plays her flute for him deep in the forest.

Sara's father, who is something of a lord, or king, knows that Sara has fallen in love with "The Mononoke" because she goes to see him every day. So he assembles an army to destroy Sesshoumaru.

Sara meets him on the way and begs him not to hurt Sesshoumaru, but he simply knocks her out of the way.

Of course, things don't go as the lord had planned, and nearly everyone winds up dead. He eventually goes mad from the terror that Sesshoumaru will find him and kill him, and he burns his castle down, killing himself in the process.

Though Sesshoumaru essentially caused Sara to loser her family, house and village, she harbored no ill intentions toward Sesshoumaru. She became a nun, to mourn the loss of her family and to try and forget about the demon she fell in love with. However, she was stricken by a terminal illness, and as the special starts, she is about to die. Then she sees Inuyasha, and remembers Sesshoumaru. She then sells her soul to a demon who tells her that he can allow her to see Sesshoumaru before she dies. Since she never stopped loving him, she agrees, so her final memories may be with the demon she loves.

More or less, the entire summary thus far is what Sara reiterates to Sesshoumaru under the tree where she first saw him. Then, of course, the fact that she's NOT human anymore (Like Onigumo's case, she's something of a hanyou.) spurs a huge battle between Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and herself (Inuyasha is drawn in because Sara had stolen the Tessaiga earlier, and he came to get it back.)

Much goes on, and the REAL Sara, who is hidden deep within the grotesque layers of demonic flesh, speaks to Sesshoumaru from within the demon, begging his forgiveness and asking him as a final request to kill the demon.

Sesshoumaru can't kill it with Toukijin, so he picks up the Tessaiga, which had fallen on the ground. Surprisingly, it transforms for him, and he blasts the demon away with a Kaze no Kizu, leaving nothing behind but a weak, frail human girl on the brink of death.

Sesshoumaru goes over and kneels beside her, picking up the flute that's laying on the ground. She then tells Sesshoumaru that she is thankful to him for killing the demon. But even though she caused immense pain and sorrow on her part by fusing with the demons, she would do it over again, because she had a chance to share some moments with him, the man that she loved. Then she disintegrates into dust.

Sesshoumaru lays the flute in her ashes, gets up to walk away, and says to her, "Please, feel free to continue playing your flute for me in Heaven."

Kagome, of course, is moved that Sesshoumaru 'saved' Sara, but Inuyasha doesn't believe it, and they go on. Submitted by Tenshi

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