Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sango and Miroku..Maybe a wedding ahead!!

I believe this is the it, Sango is captured by an old woman and given a soul stealing egg youkai n she is posessed. She not knowing goes after Miroku after he comes to find her wit Kiara. They happen to get into a fierce fight. (Miroku actually says that he would hate to be her opponent..she's scary) But, she cuts Miroku 3 times n he's pretty banged up. But, at the end of the episode when he's all bandaged up, him n Sango r talkin and he tells her that when they beat Naraku n the Wind Tunnel is gone would she come live wit him and bear his ten of them!! lol Anyway, she accepts wit tearz.{i was sooooo happy}

But then she asks him if he will not cheat on her. He puts on this face that says I don't know bout that. Sango gets in his face with an evil stare. Inuyasha n Kagome r lookin on and both sigh when he does this and says he almost was kind and loving. Submitted by SmileZ

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