Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha ...just a lil jealous u think???

In this episode, Inu n Kag were in her world and they were having a Festival in her school. Kag had to do a play for the school as a Escargot Pudding. It is to be a romantic play bout a man n woman who fall in love...anyway..blah..blah. U could guess who was her leading love interest...houju. they were in the middle of the play and in the part they were doin, Kag says she loves Pierre Hannabart (dunno wit the names) and he says that he luvs her. They then start running to each other. At that moment, Inuyasha burst through the auditorium wall and asks Houju what the hell he's doin. Kag then interupts and tells houju that she love Piccapun (Inu)and tells houju that she's leavin wit him. On the low, she is tellin Inu n Houju to just play along wit it. Houju understands but, of course Inu is lost.

So, Houju then says no i will fight for Escargot Pudding. So he challenges Inuyasha to a duel by pulling out his sword at Inu. Inu of course takes the gesture and pulls out his sword. Submitted by SmileZ

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