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Inuyasha in his human and demon form

Let's establish some basics. Inuyasha is a hanyou (half-demon) and as stated in "The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black Haired Inuyasha" by Myouga: "All half-demons, such as lord Inuyasha, are subject to times when they loose their supernatural powers as a demon and are no stronger than yourself (he was talking to Kagome) or any other mere mortal. For lord Inuyasha this time happens to be the first night of the cycle of the new moon." Inuyasha turns human twice, once in "The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black Haired Inuyasha" and once again in "Kaijinbo's Evil Sword." For those of you who have no idea what he looks like, I have created a physical description below:

Inuyasha Human Form:
Height: Same
Weight: Same
Physical Description: His hair become black and his eyes do as well. His fangs and claws disappear and he looses all of his demonic abilities, including the ability to make tetsusaiga transform.

But this brings up the question, do they ever become full demon? For Inuyasha it appears that there is a giant yes to this one (not exactly, but I will explain this later). In the episode "The Broken Tetsusaiga at Last." Inuyasha's sword the tetsusaiga is broken by one of Naraku's incarnations named Goshinki. You, of course, think now, "Inuyasha is going to die." but something wonderful happens (lol). He ends up killing Goshinki, but how you ask? The answer is he goes all demon and does the deed. For those of you who have no idea what this is I will give a physical description below:

Inuyasha Full Demon Form:
Height: Same
Weight: Same
Physical and ability Description: Hair remains white (or silver), eyes become blood red with blue pupils. His claws and fangs become slightly longer. It appears that his abilities don't really change except that he gets a huge boost in strength and speed. On the minus side, his sanity and reason is gone in this form (he can feel no pain and know no fear, something of an upside, this causes him to take on enemies that he shouldn't, like Sesshomaru for example). Also, he is unable to transform tetsusaiga as well, but it will transform him back to his normal state if he grabs it.

This is an explanation on Inuyasha's supposed full demon form. First off he doesn't become all demon, his demon blood takes over and that is all. At first it is believed by Sesshomaru and everyone else that he becomes a full demon in this state but an explination from bokusenou (this is the tree spirit that the sheaths for the tetsusaiga and tenseiga were carved from) an old friend of Toga (Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's dad) tells us that Inuyasha becomes this way because the demon blood passed on from his father is too strong for him too control. Therefore it takes over and he becomes a creature that will go on killing until he himself is destroyed. Also Myouga adds in "Kaijinbo's Evil Sword." that Inuyasha's demon blood will take over only when tetsusaiga is shattered or discarded by Inuyasha. Once this happens Inuyasha's death becomes inevitable and if his will to live is strong enough his demon blood will take over as a last ditch attempt to save his life, one problem with this is that after he has been saved by this fail-safe, he is unable to stop killing. Bokusenou also adds that Toga would of never wished such a thing onto one of his sons, he also says that if Sesshomaru arrives in such a situation in which his life was threatened he would still not be taken over by the blood because he is strong enough to control it. Sesshomaru naturally says, "I would never be caught in such a hopeless situation" and Bokusenou replies, "No (slight chuckle), I guess you wouldn't." Submitted by Overlord Inuyasha

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