Inuyasha Spoiler:

Miroku is at it again

In this ep. (i'm not sure witch one)koharu is hidding from the oil keepers young lord who was forcing himself on koharu the night before.(that stupid jerk) and shes hidding and the oil keepers young lord is telling his body guards to beat her as soon as they find her. And they look over and see a shadow and think it's koharu, but it's not.And when they get over there they try to strike at the shadow but it turns out it was Sango!!(busted)And she starts to hit them and one of the guards say "what matter of being are you wench". She says in a kind of mad vocie "thats exactly what i would ask but you seem to be no more than ordainary humans". Then they tell the young lord it's not Koharu(as if he can't tell) and he says "such beauty...bring her with us". and they all reply yes my lord..... you will come with us. Then Inuyasha comes in saying oh no you don't and punching the body guards and the young lord(hahahahaha :D). As they leave Koharu comes out to thank them and Miroku and Kagome come running to see what happened. Then Koharu remembers Miroku and says " master is you masater Mioku you've I've missed you....for three long yrs. i have waited". By this time Inu,Kagome,Sango, and Shippo are looking clueless and Miroku's bright red. Miroku says "I take it we meet in the past"? Koharu says " I am Koharu". (Miroku is looking a bit confused) And Miroku says "oh Koharu you don't say... how fortanent meeting you like this" (still looking a bit confused) And she starts telling Inu,Kagome,Sango, and Shippo how they meet.(Koharu told them that Miroku asked her bear his child when she was only 11!!!(THAT SICK PERVERT) Kagome and Sango start yelling at him..........again. Later they leave the village and he asked Sango to bear his children and she said "spare me would you" so hes officaly peverted.:P Submitted by nikki

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