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Showdown! Starting chap.353 in magna

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Chapter 353: Oni no iwa

Following Kagura's lead Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin arrive at Goryomaru's temple only to find it completely abandoned. After searching the grounds, they find numerous demon corpses, as well as Goryomaru's grave. However, the gravesite is empty, and Sesshomaru catches the scent of its inhabitant, deciding that the person may be useful to him. Inu-Yasha and the others, now armed with the knowledge that the baby holds Naraku's heart, race to find and destroy the child. They spy Kagura outside the ogre-shaped cave and follow her and enter the cave. Once inside, the group sense a disturbing energy, and dive deep within the sloping cave. Inu-Yasha unleashes the Wind Scar, and reveals Naraku, who seems pleased to see his enemies. Naraku produces the almost-complete Shikon Jewel and tells Kagome that she should hand over her shard to him before he kills everyone. The walls begin to drip acid, while outside, Kagura watches the mountainous ogre come to life, as Hakudoshi secretly watches her. Inside, Naraku laughs and proclaims that the acid will kill them all, but Inu-Yasha announces his plan to kill Naraku first. Submitted by Ini's Cuzin from China

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