Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha puts the shard in Tessaiga

Inuyasha uses the shikon frags that Kagome had and puts them inside the Tessaiga hoping that it would be enough to blast thru the ogre's belly but the jyaki from the ogre tainted the shards in Tessaiga and Inuyasha started becoming a youkai. He told everyone to run b/c he was about to attack them and had no control over his own body. But Kagome ran out into the acid and grabbed Inuyasha, which then caused him to become normal and the shards were purified. Inuyasha asked Kagome to hold him up a little longer and he used the Daimond Blast to free them from within the ogre. They're all safe but Miroku has passed out from the jyaki and Kagome looks to be in bad shape from the acid. Meanwhile, Kikyou has found Kanna who is carrying Naraku's heart in the form of baby Hakoudashi.... Submitted by Tai

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