Inuyasha Spoiler:


This chapter is about Inuyasha and co was trapped in a stone oni because of Naraku .The grup are exhausted because of the acid in the stone oni .Inuyasha uses the last shikon no kakera to the tetsusaiga, and then the shikon fragment becomes polluted because of the acid .Inuyasha's mind becomes slipped and he begins to turn to full demon ( As what we knows that when tessaiga was far away from him and his soul are in a crisis , he will turn to full demon ) He tell everyone to get away , but Kagome don't ( ^_^I like her so much ) She runs to Inuyasha and holds him , so that shikon fragment are purified .After that , Inuyasha turns normal and use Kongosouha so they are free . Submitted by Mimi Nakamura_friend of Kagome

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