Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kikyou and Inu Yasha kiss again! o

In the newest eps 147 and 147 (the kikyou x inu yasha special that plays 50 years in the past) we see how they met and how they really loved each other. There are yome scenes we already know from older eps, but there are also some new animated scenes!

One scene takes place on that boat (you all know this one ^^) Kikyou falls into Inu Yashas arms and then he embraces her. But after that, we hear inu Yasha saying, that he really wants to become human for her. He said if its ok if he becomes human, and then she looked up at him, smiling, saying something like "that is my wish". He want to say something, but Kikyou leans in and kisses him... Inu Yasha kisses her back as well.

i dont relly like Kikyou togheter with Inu Yasha, but the viewers realize, that their love was even stronger than the love inu yasha feels for kagome. and that is really depressing.

Submitted by kaze

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