Inuyasha Spoiler:

Pretty much a lot of IY episodes

For example, 'the woman who loved Sesshoumaru' is NOT an Inu-Yasha storyline. There is a website out there on the net that details every Inu-Yasha adventure that happens straight from the Japanese manga and Rumiko's pen, as it were. You will see that a heck of a lot of episodes...the one with the cat demons, that boar demon never actually happened. They were just made up by Viz, in the same way that they made up other Clow Cards for Cardcaptor Sakura, when there weren't 52 there were actually only 19.

And they have also messed around with the order of the stories as well. The whole episode with the Peach-Man was supposed to happen earlier, and it was crucial because that's when Kagome learnt to put power into her arrows...

Can anyone tell me who started up the whole thing of calling Inu's father 'Inutaisho' as he was never named in the Japanese? (I have read the Japanese). Submitted by Gingerfish

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