Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kikyou is The Saint...

The Saint is first introduced in episode 147, and

comments that she thinks The Saint is Kikyou.

Inuyasha doesn't believe it, since there is no

scent of Kikyou on the arrow that breaks

Hakudoushi's barrier. Later on, Inuyasha confronts

The Saint, asking her to show her face. Her two

assistants then explain that her soul is weak (or

something like that) and suddenly she is sliced in

half, and before she completely disappears, the

face of Kikyou is shown. Elsewhere, Kagome follows

the insect-like creatures that used to follow

Kikyou to come across her body and the two

assistants tell Kagome to save her, by just simply

touching her and the miasma that spreads through

her body will be purified. She does so, and Kikyou

asks her why she saved her. Kagome says that she

was the only one there to save her, or somewhere

along those lines, so she saved her. Kikyou

explains that she won't thank her for saving her

because she must not have put much effort into it.

She tells Kagome that Inuyasha is coming for her,

and departs, after telling Kagome she won't stay

to see him because she's going into hiding to

gather her strength back. Submitted by Nayru

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