Inuyasha Spoiler:

miroku,kogome,inu-yasha// perverted miroku

OK!!!! this is sooo funny!! k,kogome is in the hot springs,and sudenly,shippou gets un dressed,and is about to jump in when inuyasha grabs him and says "what r u doing??" and shippou says "going in with kogome." and inuyasha says "no".(or somtin like that! ;^-^) so wile that is happining,miroku is in the spring next to her,and sees her,and her jewel shards,and says 2 him self in his mind"oh! that woman has a jewel shard! and **there** i mean its huge!"!!! seing as kogome obveously has to be wearing nothing in the springs!!! *(also,were do u think the shards hang close to?? ^.^!!)

hope u liked dat! by! Submitted by hotarou angel

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