Inuyasha Spoiler:

the things InuYasha's mother left him in death

In episode 147-148, we find out that when InuYasha's mother died she left him two things.

1st- the fire rat coat

2nd- some lip stick that is in a sea shell

The important thing to this is this:
InuYasha tells this to Kikyou in the past (or 50 years before he mets Kagome)

In this episode he tells Kikyou he wants to give her a gift and Kikyou replys that she would like to give him on too.

InuYasha's gift is to be the lip stick that was his mothers. Which he does give to her (kikyou) Who puts it on secretly at night and loves it to death.

Kikyou's gift to InuYasha is the rosary that he gets put on him by Keade 50 years in the future. BUT because of what he gave to Kikyou, she decides to not put the rosary on him. She instead tells him that she forgot her present to him at home...

At the end of the 2 episodes a plane is seen showing a scene trasition and we go to the furture...where it says on the scene 15 years before Kagome...we go into a hospital room where Kagome's grandfather is chating "it is a girl she is here" and so on and so forth...Kagome's mother is in the hosipital bed holding the little version of Kagome...and in that moment gives her the name Kagome...and as that happens we get a close up of the baby's chest and see the light of the shikon no toma...

Ok so that was more than just whet Izoyoi left InuYasha... Submitted by TheRealLegendofTime (Kagome)

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