Inuyasha Spoiler:

Shippo favor to Sesshomaru

The little kitsune met up with an otter, who's father was chopped off by Hakudoushi ( Naraku's kid ). Kagome tried to get Sesshomaru to resurrect him by using the Tensaiga. He refused, saying that it was none of his concerns and walked off. The otter's name was Kanta, and she cried out her father's name in pain and sadness. Shippo watched as she sobbed away at her father's corpse. It brung flashbacks of his own father. Tears running down his cheeks, he cried too.

Bulking his fists, Shippo ran in front of Sesshomaru and begged him again. The lord of the western lands just looked at him, seeming to show alittle bit of annoyance. He told Shippo to move aside. Shippo dropped on his knees and bowed to him, screaming please five times.

But he finally did, and Kanta was happy when she saw her father's eyes openeing. Shippo was happy too.

( That shows how Shippo is very helpful. Though, i never said that he wasn't in other series. But that was tough to walk right up to Sesshomaru like that.) Submitted by Sonosca

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