Inuyasha Spoiler:

inuyasha admits being picked on in the past AWW !

ok ok inuyasha and kagome when to this village were they met jinijy (cant spell his name) and kagome was all like "we cant just leave him. i mean just because hes different doesnt mean he did it" then inuyasha looks down and says "that what it mean when your different nobody trusts you your always first to be blamed and it is always always your fault" later he says "i thought i had to make a place of my own then i relized i had a place i was just the only one in it" kagome smiles and says "it makes my happy that you can opped up and talk to me like this. at first we started out looking for the jewel by ourselves now we have friends. its better then being alone." and inuyasha started thinking 'thats right im not alone, somehow without me every noticing it i can really open up and talk to kagome" IT WAS SO CUTE!!

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