Inuyasha Spoiler:


I don't know what episode this is because I read it in the manga ^^; But anyhow, Moryoumaru and Kagura and being chased by Inu and the gang. They settle in a cave and Moryoumaru tells Kagura he needs the fragment from Kohaku to become stronger. Kagura is now being attack by Moryoumaru and he tells her that if she doesn't bring it he will suck her in to become one with him. Kagura discovers that the Baby offspring (Naraku's heart) is inside Moryoumaru and he knows that she was trying to betray him. Back with the Inu group, Kagome senses a shikon shard -Kohakus'? They try finding him but Kagura gets there first. She starts attacking him and trying to kill him! WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN! Submitted by Kia_chan

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