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Inuyasha Sango Drunk Scene on Episode 135

This is the Dialogue that goes on in one Scene of Episode 135

*Note, Kagome, Shippo, Hachii and Sango are Drunk by a mist while they were on a mission to gather some sacred Saki for Miroku's Foster Father...*

*Another Note: Shippo and Hachii transformed into two Kagome's (Their tail is still visible) and starts dancing and laughing and Kagomew's singing with a mic that all of a sudden appears outta no where*

One more note: This is the English subtitles for the Japanese dialogue, so instead of SIT, Kagome says Oswari... just to let you know...

All three Kagome's: ALRIGHT! ONE MORE TIME!

Inuyasha: W-w-wait! Snap outta it you guys!

(Very weird yelling... LALALALALA!)

Miroku: Sa...Sango...

(Sango is walking all drunk-like towards Inuyasha... Inuyasha is slowly walking backwards...)

Sango: INUYASHA! :: Hugs Inuyasha ::

Inuyasha: Sa-Sango! What the Hell?

Sango: *Rubbing her head up and down against his Chest* C'mon, I wanna party. Let's go!


Sango: *Miroku's face is shown all funny lol* Let's ditch that stupid pervert of a monk... *Camera turns t the three Kagome's* and that wimpy little schook girl Kagome... and let's get out of here! *Rubs up some more on Inuyasha* C'mon Let's go. We can take care of Naraku on our own! *lloks up to Inuyasha* Well? *Sango's approaching closer to Kiss Inuyasha... Inuyasha's trying to back is head away*

The Real Kagome: *on her Mic* SIIIIIIIIIIIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! (Inuyasha is forced down countless times and Miroku has this Anime Sweatdrop)

*Sango starts crying*

Kagome-Shippo: Hey. I think you made her cry.

*Sango falls to her knees crying*

Miroku: Sango.

*Miroku walks closer to Sango*

Kagome-Shippo: It's pretty fun making a human cry like that, isn't it?

Sango: Houshi-Sama... *Houshi means monk... but in the series... Sango sometimes calls Miroku Houshi-Sama* HOUSHI-SAMA IS A CHEATER!

Miroku: *Backs away* EEEEEEE!?


Kagome-Hachii: RAH RAH!

Sango: HIRAIKOTSU!!!! *Throws it towards Miroku! Miroku ducks down*

Miroku: Is this what the Youkai was intending to do? *The Inuyasha gang suspects that the Mist was coming from a demon before they entered the mist* I must not use my powers, but I gotta figured out asome way to handle this! Inuyasha, use your Kaze-no-kizu to blow away the mist!

The real Kagome is mumbling this while Inuyasha is talking: sit...sit...sit...sit...sit...sit...sit...sit...sit...sit...

Inuyasha: I'd... love to... but... I'm... a little... busy... at... the... momment... ah sorry...

:: That's all I saw ::

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