Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kagome cries for InuYasha

In this episode, this is the night that InuYasha turns human without telling anyone. They are trying to stay away from demons, but they end up fighting one anyways.

InuYasha is trying to keep Kagome same but he ends up in trouble telling her to save herself, but since she loves him, she cries and shoots the demon with an arrow, making it drop InuYasha. They ran in a room, and had sacred seals on the door holding it off for a while.During that time InuYasha asked Kagome why did she cry and she said cause she thought she was going to lose him.They talk and after a while the demon breaks in and takes InuYasha, but it is in the morning and he turns back half-demon and kills the demon with his windscar. Submitted by Lani

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