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In Japan, there are currently 164 episodes, 4 of which are part of the 2 'Specials', and 3 movies and soon to be four which is now offically called "Crimson Horai Island"

The airdate for the first movie--"Feelings Touching Across Time"--has been pushed back until 2005, but the movie will be out on DVD and VHS on September 7, 2004.

The second movie--"The Castle Throught the Mirror"-- will hit the stores in the US on December 28, 2004 just after the Christmas rush.

But before the first movie comes out, you can go see the limited viewing of the theatrical version of "Feelings Touching Across Time" in the following cities at the following times...

7.22.04 - San Diego, CA (Comic Con International screening)

7.24.04 - San Diego, CA

7.31.04 - Baltimore, MD

8.07.04 - Minneapolis, MN

8.13.04 - San Fransisco, CA

8.14.04 - Los Angeles, CA

8.21.04 - Atlanta, GA

8.28.04 - Philadelphia, PA

9.04.04 - New York, NY

9.11.04 - Toronto, ON, CANADA

9.14.04 - Dallas, TX

More good news! Inuyasha is now available on all mobile phones! Mobile subscribers will be able to acess Inuyasha games, wallpapers, and sms right from their phones.

Now for some bad news...The supposed ending of Inuyasah will be episodes 166 and 167 - T_T - The final two will be a double episode. But then again, last time we heard from [a.s.]/CTN, They said that they would wrap it up with episode 150...So it just may change.

To get a look at my sources, i would suggest keyword 'Inuyasha' It will give you a list of every episode with an accurate summary, a list of all the seasons and the specials, too. It gives bio's on almost all the characters and also updates frequently with important news from [a.s.] and CTN.

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