Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha would die for Kagome!

In Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part 2 When
Inuyasha is in his human form. Tokegyme is crushing Inuyasha against the Demon Tree of the human faced fruits and Kagome is going to shoot Tokegyme where the jewel shards were.

She shoots, hits, and Tokegyme runs at Kagome to kill her, she's cornered. Inuyasha runs at Tokegyme and says ''Get down Kagome!''. He runs towards to Tokegyme and Kagome and knocks him off the big cliff, he's falling.

Tokegyme said, ''Serves ya right! Your mortal bodie will never survive this fall!!!!''. Inuyasha says, ''Maybe not,''. Than in his head he said,''But at least Kagome's alive,''.

Nemenka get's the jewel shards and now he can move. He grabs Tokegyme and Inuyasha. He kills Tokegyme. He raps Inuyasha up and is about to finish him off and it's day.

Inuyasha is now half-demon he uses tetiaga to slay Nemenka. He gets the shards and lands on a near bye rock.

Meanwhile Miroku, Shippo, and Kagome (not Songo she's fixing her hidicose in her village) pray for Inuyasha.Inuyasha is back and says, ''Why are you crying I'm right here,''. Kagome runs up to Inuyasha and crys. Inuyasha said, ''Stop blabering, I'm alive!''. Kagome cries,''I am not blabering!''. ''Okay,crying,'' ''I am not!'' ''Are so!'' ''Shut up and sit!'' ''OWW!''
Shippo says, ''Now he's dead!''.

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