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Shiori's Past Eps. 73/74 SPOILERS!

Like Inuyasha, Shiori was a half-demon who had a human mother and a demon father. Her father was part of a clan of vicious winged demons who loved to savagely attack the small village in which Shiori and her mother lived. However, Shiori's father was a gentle demon who soon ceased the attacks on the village. But he was soon killed by the bloodthirsty demon clan, and, once he was gone, they began to attack the village again. Shiori was excluded and picked on by all the people in village because she was a half-demon. Eventually, they offered Shiori to the demon clan in exchange for them to not attack the village anymore. Shiori's grandfather, Taigokumaru, was running the clan at the time, but he still insisted on attacking the village and using Shiori's inherited powers to put a strong barrier around the clan. When Inuyasha and the gang arrive at the on the scene, they end up defeating Taigokumaru and reuniting Shiori with her mother. Inuyasha sympathized with Shiori because her situation was a lot like his childhood. In exchange for helping her, Inuyasha used Shiori's orb(which she used to cast the barriers), to give his Tetsusaiga the power to break through barriers(and it gets a cool red glow, too!)
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