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Raesetsu and Onigomu SPOILER!

Raesetsu was the leader of a ruthless band of plundering bandits. One day he came across Onigumo(before he got all the burns on his body) who told him about the powers of the Shikon Jewel and how it was guarded in a village by Kikyo. Raesetsu immediately decided to kill Kikyo and take the Jewel. While he shot an arrow at Kikyo from a cliff, Inuyasha snatched it away before it hit her and gouged out one of Raesetsu's eyes. Distraught and wounded, Raesetsu soon found out that while he was gone Onigumo had taken all his men, and went to drink and party at a mansion. Outraged that Onigumo had tricked and betrayed him, Raesetsu set the entire mansion on fire, and it burned to the ground along with Onigumo. However, Onigumo was still alive but burned terribly. Raesetsu then had his men wrap Onigumo up in a straw blanket and toss him over a cliff(he was then rescued and cared for by Kikyo, and you know what comes after that...)
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