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The Three Spirits of the Monkey God

As Inuyasha and company walk by a ruined field, an entire village of people rush up to them and begin praising Inuyasha as the "Dog God." They explain that some monkeys have been destroying their fields, and, since monkeys are supposedly afraid of dogs, they want Inuyasha to get rid of the monkeys. Kagome, Shippo, and a reluctant Inuyasha set out to find the monkeys, but are attacked by a giant monkey demon. But the demon ends up being an illusion created by three little monkey spirits. After Inuyasha pounds them out of their illusion, one of the monkeys offers him a rock as a sign of surrender. Inuyasha unwittingly takes the rock...and it grows gigantic, and he becomes totally unable to remove it from his hand! The monkeys laugh at their triumph and run off. Shippo chases after them, and they engage in a cute battle of "tops, teeth, and transformations" which is quickly broken up after Kagome gives them all candy. When she asks them why they destroyed the fields, they explain that within the village they guarded the stone that the Monkey God resided in. But the shrine in which the stone was kept got destroyed during a war, and now they can't find it! And also, they forgot the spell for removing the giant rock from Inuyasha's hand! In the meantime, Inuyasha imagines what might happen if he doesn't get rid of the rock...with the rock holding him down, he couldn't stop Sesshomaru from stealing Tetsusaiga or Koga from stealing Kagome! Each of the monkeys says that the Monkey God came to them in a dream and gave them a clue as to his whereabouts(but the clues were different for each monkey.) For one monkey, "a wide place," another monkey, "narrow and uncomfortable," and the last monkey, "smell of vegetables." Inuyasha(still dragging the rock with him), Kagome, Shippo, and the monkeys ask around the village for clues about the stone. Each time they find a stone, it ends up being the wrong one and they have to try a different location...and all the while poor Inuyasha has to drag that heavy rock with him everywhere. By the time night comes, he's totally exhausted and they still haven't found the Monkey God's stone. While trying to figure out possible ways to get rid of the rock, Miroku and Sango joke about what Inuyasha would do when faced with a demon..."Claws of...Rock!?" And Kagome imagines that if Inuyasha tried to follow her down the well, the rock would get stuck in the opening. However, Inuyasha isn't amused by any of this.

That night, as Kagome keeps Inuyasha company outside, a woman carrying a plate full of vegtables walks by and Kagome senses some spiritual presence within it. Sure enough, the plate begins to glow and after Miroku pours some holy water onto it, the Monkey God pops out! The three monkey spirits are overjoyed and they tell the Monkey God how well they protected his stone..but actually after they pulled it out of the burning shrine, they got distracted by a bounty of acorns and left it in the forest! But anyway, after finally curing Inuyasha of his rocky burden, the Monkey God tells him and the others that some evil miasma came and went from the north eastern region. Inuyasha thinks that it could be Naraku, so they head off in that direction.
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