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Jaken Falls Ill

Rin goes off to find some food in the forest, but she gets attacked by a giant demon hand. As Sesshomaru runs to her rescue and attacks the demon hand, he sees that it's made up of a swarm of Naraku's poisonous bees. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others plan to go visit Jinenji to get some of his medical herbs(and Kagome scolds Inuyasha for eating the food she was going to give Jinenji.) Back with Sesshomaru's group, Sesshomaru battles the bees while Jaken drives them away from Rin(he says to himself that he's protecting her because Sesshomaru would be mad if he didn't, but Rin thinks he really cares about her.) Sesshomaru manages to destroy the bees and their nest, but a few stray ones inject their stingers into Jaken's arm and fly away. Sesshomaru thinks that they're probably going back to Naraku, so he follows them. Meanwhile, Jaken winces as the stingers go into his arm and he feels the poison in him. He tells Rin that he's been very happy since he met her and Sesshomaru, and he'll continue to be loyal to Sesshomaru even after he dies. Rin cries that Jaken gave his life for her(he objects...he gave his life for Sesshomaru, didn't he?)and begs him not to leave her. Jaken tells her about Jinenji's herb that can cure any poison. So Rin goes off with Ah-Un(that two-headed dragon-like demon that accompanies Sesshomaru) to find it. Meanwhile, Inuyasha's group notices the few stray bees and follows them, hoping to find Naraku. But the bees soon drop dead(since they used their stingers), and when Sesshomaru arrives on the scene, he and Inuyasha fight once again. Meanwhile, Rin reaches Jinenji's house, but his mother tells her that Jinenji is a half-demon, and since he's in his human form at the moment, he doesn't want anyone seeing him(he's hiding under a quilt.) After much pleading, Rin finally convinces Jinenji to speak to her and tell her where the herb is(she reminded him of Kagome.)

While Rin flies off to the mountains on Ai-Un to find the herb, Kagome manages to stop Inuyasha and Sesshomaru from fighting by telling Sesshomaru where Naraku's whereabouts are(he's satisfied with that, and leaves.) While Ah-Un holds off attacking demons, Rin climbs up the steep mountain side towards the herb. As she trudges tiredly onward, she thinks about how her family is dead and how she doesn't want anyone else to die. Finally, she snatches the herb, only to have the ledge underneath her crumble away. As she falls toward the deep chasm, she cries out for Sesshomaru before fainting. Sesshomaru catches her in the nick of time. He then goes back to the forest and gives the herb to a very grateful Jaken. Meanwhile, Jinenji and his mother tell Inuyasha and the others about the strong-willed little girl that they met. Jinenji says that the girl gives warmth to others, just like Kagome, to which Inuyasha protests by saying that Kagome is actually very narrow-minded...and she promptly "sits" him for that remark :) Anyway, back with Sesshomaru's group, Rin wakes up and is overjoyed that Jaken is all right.
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