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Kirara Leaves and Doesn't return

In the begining of this episode we're treated to some scenes of Kagome putting a red scarf on Kirara, which makes the little kitty look so cute it should be against the law ^.^ But that night, something alerts Kirara...what could it be? Anyway, the next morning, Sango can't find Kirara anywhere. Inuyasha says that Kirara probably just went for a walk and will come back soon. But come evening, and still no Kirara. Inuyasha tries to follow her scent from where she was sleeping the night before, but it doesn't lead anywhere(since she had flown away.) As the group try to figure out reasons that Kirara would want to leave, Shippo says that he saw Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagome secretly doing things that would upset Kirara. First, Inuyasha's case: he used Kirara to practice his Wind Scar. But one time it got a little out of hand and delt a strong blow to Kirara. She was all right, but Inuyasha noticed that it caused some bald spots on her head. He nervously just ignored it and didn't let Kirara or anyone know. Second, Miroku's case: he used Kirara to pose as his cute little cat in order to endear a group of village girls to him. But when the old ladies of the village started flirting with him, he had Kirara grow big and scare them away. Third, Kagome's case: without telling anyone, she had Kirara take her to the old well one night. After Kirara dropped her off, she told her that she'd be back soon and to wait right there. It was her grandpa's birthday and she was planning to come only for the party...but she decided to just stay the whole night, leaving Kirara waiting for a very long time(she also forgot to give Kirara the fish she had promised.)

After hearing that everyone had been "using" Kirara, Sango becomes disheartened...but even she confesses that she's just as guilty, too. As she gazes into Kirara's food dish, she says that she always gets Kirara involved in battles, she forces Kirara to fly around when she's tired, only feeds her once or twice a day, and never gives her any reward for her efforts. As everyone begins to feel guilt ridden, Inuyasha senses a demon. Thinking that it could be Kirara, he and the others rush off into the forest. But it ends up only being a baboon demon chasing a villager. As they begin to battle the demon, they notice Kirara's scarf on the ground! And close by, a pile of bones that look suspiciously like Kirara's! Inuyasha demands to know if the demon ate Kirara, but the big ape simply grumbles that he can't remember everything he eats. As Inuyasha battles the surprisingly quick baboon, Sango stares sadly at Kirara's scarf and memories of when her father first gave her Kirara when she was a little girl fill her mind. The memories soon turn her sorrow into rage, and she angrily chucks her boomerang at Kirara's alleged murderer. The weapon stops the demon in his tracks and destroys him. Afterward, while still holding Kirara's food dish, Sango sits alone and cries while the others sadly watch. However, a minute later, who should show up behind them but Kirara! Myoga's there as well, and he explains that the previous night he had asked Kirara to help him deliver Tetsusaiga's heavy grindstone to Inuyasha from Totosai's place. He had told Shippo to tell everyone, but Shippo, being half asleep at that time, didn't really remember and kind of made up his own reasons for Kirara's disapperance. But all's well that ends well...Sango happily hugs Kirara, and Kagome and Miroku look on as Inuyasha prepares to give Shippo some severe punishment!
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