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Naraku's New Body Eps. 123-157 SPOILERS!

Naraku used the Seven Man Squad as a long, drawn-out distraction so that he'd have the time to do something that he'd always wanted to do - get rid of his human heart! While the Seven Man Squad kept Inuyasha and his other enemies busy, Naraku hid himself deep within the caves of Mt. Hakurei, a mysterious pure mountain with a strong barrier around it in which demons are supposedly unable to enter. However, Naraku had corrupted the soul of the priest who built the barrier, and tricked him into letting him stay inside. While hiding inside Mt. Hakurei, Naraku used it not only to gain a stronger body with the power of his almost completed Sacred Jewel, but he also "discarded" the human side of himself. And that human side came out of him in the form of a very evil baby...


The "baby" of Naraku's human side(referred to as "Akago") freed Naraku of his human weaknesses. However, unlike Naraku's previous human form Onigumo, Akago bears no feelings toward Kikyo. This is because while Naraku was inside Mt. Hakurei, he discarded his human feelings for Kikyo as lumps of flesh(so that neither he nor Akago would have those feelings.) Akago has the ability to see inside the souls of others(and if he finds negative feelings there, he's able to control the person.) So once Naraku learned the whereabouts of the final shard, Kagura flew Akago around to the temples of great priests, and he searched their souls before killing them. Since the final shard is located "between this world and the next world(the afterlife)," the priests may show Akago this place if he searches their souls before they die. However, once he manages to find the place where the final shard is, actually locating it there may be difficult. Since Kikyo had supposedly been killed by Naraku, the only one who's able to see the Jewel shards is Kagome. So Akago decides that he needs Kagome's eyes...


While trying to search the soul of another priest, Akago gets split in half by the priest's powerful spiritual tool. Kanna takes one half, and she tells Kagura to care for the other half. Kagura's half quickly "grows up" into Hakudoshi(his name translates as "white child.") Like Akago, Hakudoshi can see inside the souls of others(his mind is also linked to Naraku's.) He uses his weapon to cut off the heads of numerous demons, hoping that one of their departing souls could show him the way to the place "between this world and the next world." The only clue that he manages to get is that the place is misty with a lot of mountains and piles of skeletons...


Entei was a fearsome horse demon(called a "youba" which is short for "horse youkai") that had been sealed away("entei" roughly translates as "blazing hoof.") Once Hakudoshi came and unsealed him, he allowed Hakudoshi to ride on him. Entei gives Inuyasha and the others some trouble when he's first released, but it's not long before Inuyasha destroys him with his Wind Scar(but Hakudoshi manages to escape.)
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