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Darkness in Kagome's Heart Eps.125-126BIG SPOILER

Once Akago is "born" from Naraku, his first goal is to control Kagome so he can use her as his "eyes" to see where the final Jewel shard is. Taking advantage of the tension rising between Inuyasha and Kagome since Kikyo had been killed by Naraku, Akago devises a plan to kidnap Kagome...

Kagura controls the body of a priest who tells Inuyasha and company that an injured priestess had been found near his village. Inuyasha immediately thinks that it may be Kikyo, so he rushes off to investigate, leaving the others behind. Kagome is a bit annoyed when he leaves, but she knows it can't be helped.

Inuyasha: "Forgive me, Kagome. If I don't find out whether Kikyo is alive or not I won't be able to move on!"

While Miroku and Sango are busy fending off soldiers(who are also part of Akago's plan), Kagure takes Kagome to Akago. Meanwhile, Shippo and Kirara see this and hurry off to find Inuyasha. Back inside the castle, Akago pushes himself against Kagome's chest and begins to search her soul. But he's a little surprised that he's can't find what he's looking for...

Akago: "What is it about this girl's soul? There's no darkness. That can't be. Every human should have darkness in their heart...anger, hatred, and..."

Kagome struggles to break free, but then she realizes that Inuyasha won't come to save her this time...he's busy looking for Kikyo.

Kagome: "Inuyasha...isn't coming. He's searching for Kikyo now. He won't come and save me..."

Once Kagome realizes this, Akago is able to grasp this "darkness" in her heart and control her...

Akago: "I've found it...the darkness in your heart. There's no escape. Hold me close and we will become will become my eyes."

As Inuyasha continues in vain to search for Kikyo, Shippo finds him and tells him what happened. He then realizes that it was all a trap(Akago used the castle's soldiers to keep Miroku and Sango out of the way, and the news about Kikyo to distract Inuyasha, all so he kidnap Kagome.) Inuyasha rushes off to the castle, with Shippo and Kirara following behind. Meanwhile, as Akago continues to grasp Kagome's soul, he tells Kagura to put a tainted Jewel shard into Kagome so he can gain complete control of her. But before Kagura can do this, Kagome comes to her senses and struggles to try and break free of Akago's grasp(but she's still unable to move her body.) In the back of her mind, she begs Inuyasha to come and save her, but Akago tells her that deep inside she knows that Inuyasha won't be coming for her...he chose Kikyo, not her. At that moment, as Inuyasha hurries through the forest, he scolds himself for being tricked so easily...

Inuyasha: "Dammit! I'm such a fool! I lost Kikyo...and convinced that I was the only one suffering, I went off by myself. But now, am I going to lose someone else who's dear to me? Wait for me, Kagome! Don't you die on me!"

Meanwhile, Akago continues to grope through the darkness in Kagome's heart...

Akago: "When Kikyo died, you were happy. That woman who was an obstacle to you was gone. But upon hearing that Kikyo was alive, Inuyasha went to her. So whether she's alive or dead, Inuyasha's heart belongs to bear a grude against Inuyasha, don't you? And you hate Kikyo, don't you? Fill your heart with hatred, and let me hold onto your soul."

Meanwhile, Inuyasha meets up with Miroku and Sango and he helps them finish off the rest of the soldiers(they don't kill any of them, of course.) After that, they all race to the castle. Back inside, as Kagura tries to put the shard into Kagome again, it suddenly bounces back...

Kagome: "You're wrong! Inuyasha can't forget about Kikyo. Even if I can accept that, it still pains me in the back of my mind. But bearing a grude against Inuyasha and being jealous of Kikyo...are feelings any human would have, no matter who they are. They're not cursing feelings like you say they are. If Kikyo didn't exist...I found myself wishing and worrying...but all that means is that I love Inuyasha!" (I guess what Kagome is trying to say is that even though she bears negative feelings against Inuyasha and Kikyo, she's able to accept those feelings as being normal human emotions because she knows that nobody's perfect, and she can see that it's impossible and belittling of someone to try and hide all their negative feelings inside of them. Therefore she can accept even her flawed feelings as being part of her human heart and overall personality, and because of this acceptance, her feelings don't grow into emotions of pure hatred, as Akago said they were. But her feelings of love for Inuyasha overpower the negative ones....boy, if this doesn't prove how interesting and thought-provoking Anime is, I don't know what does! :-P Anyway, on with the story...)

At that moment, Inuyasha and the others burst into the room. Kagome is kind of shocked, but happy of course, when she realizes that Inuyasha came for her after all. Using the last of her strength, she throws Akago down before fainting into Inuyasha's arms. Miroku and Sango recognize Akago's skin color as the lumps of flesh that Naraku discarded in Mt. Hakurei. Akago says that it's possible he's the human heart of Naraku, but he bears no longing for Kikyo. A very pissed off Inuyasha begins to Wind Scar the entire building, but Akago protects himself with a barrier much like Naraku's, and he and Kagura make their escape. The castle begins to crumble as a result of the deflected Wind Scar, so Inuyasha and the others escape as well. As Inuyasha carries Kagome in his arms, he's totally guilt-ridden...

Inuyasha: "Kagome...I'm sorry I left you alone. I'll never let you fall into Naraku's grasp again. Never again...will I let you suffer like Kikyo."

Once they make it back to Kaede's village, Inuyasha watches over Kagome until she wakes up. He apologizes to her for what happened. She says it's okay, but he objects that it's not okay because he put her danger...he realizes that if he had been a moment too late, he would've lost Kagome as well. Kagome then tells him that if he hears more news about Kikyo, he would leave to investigate once again. Inuyasha insists that he would never go and leave her again, but she simply calls him a liar.

Kagome: "You're the type of guy who would go. How long do you think I've known you? You definitely would go. But when you do, I'll be annoyed. You can expect that from me, right?"

Then she gently leans her head against him and he asks her if she really is angry. She says she is...but even though she knows that Inuyasha can never forget about Kikyo, because she loves him, she can't help but get angry with him. But also because she loves him, she can forgive him(to a point.) Those are her feelings, and she knows there's nothing she can do about them. As she snuggles up against him, Inuyasha leans his head on her as well.

Inuyasha: "Thank you, Kagome."

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