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Kikyo's Death Eps. 124-151

Naraku's real reason for discarding his human side within Mt. Hakurei wasn't just to gain more power...his ultimate goal was to get rid of his feelings for Kikyo and destroy her once and for all. As soon as he confronted Kikyo outside Mt. Hakurei, he stabbed one of his poisonous tentacles into her chest and knocked her into a steep chasm filled with his miasma. Sesshomaru arrived a few moments later, followed by Inuyasha, but Naraku had already left. Inuyasha accused Sesshomaru of just standing there and watching while Kikyo was killed. But Sesshomaru simply replied that he didn't kill Kikyo.

Sesshomaru: "In the end Inuyasha, the one who failed to save her was you...if you want to growl at someone, save it for Naraku."

Later that day, Inuyasha continued to search for Kikyo but he couldn't find her anywhere. And after being tricked by Akago into thinking that Kikyo was still alive when it was all just part of his scheme to kidnap Kagome, Inuyasha finally accepts that Kikyo is gone. But is she really?

During Abi's many attacks on villages with her blood-sucking birds, Inuyasha and the others hear about this great saint who's supposedly been saving people from the birds' attacks. They said that nobody knows anything about the saint, not even if he/she is man or woman nor what he/she looks like. While facing off against Hakudoshi, Inuyasha's Tetsuaiga is unable to break through his strong barrier. But suddenly an enchanted arrow goes flying by and immediately cuts through the barrier!(he and Kagura retreat after that.) Everybody thinks that maybe it's Kikyo's arrow. Inuyasha refuses to believe it, however he does remember that he didn't actually see Kikyo die nor did he find her remains. Once they get to the saint's town, a group of villagers are hiding in a cave with a barrier around it that the saint had put up to protect them from Abi's birds. The villagers tell them that the saint had gone off to find the birds' nest and destroy it. Inuyasha and the others head off in that direction too, and notice another purification arrow coming from the top of a mountain. They're being pursued by more of Abi's birds along the way, so Inuyasha tells them that he'll stay and fight the birds while the others look for the saint(he realizes that if the saint is Kikyo, he wouldn't know what to do.)

As Inuyasha stays behind, he's suddenly confronted by the mysterious saint on horseback! The saint(yes, she is Kikyo) is accompanied by two young girls(who are actually shikikami that Kikyo created) that tell Inuyasha that she's lost her voice, her body won't return, and only her soul can fight now(the body on the horse is just an empty shell.) Meanwhile, as Miroku and Sango fight off more attacking demons, Kagome notices Kikyo's soul collectors, and she follows them into the barrier and up the slope of the mountain...

She reaches a waterfall and notices Kikyo lying in the pool at the bottom. The two shikikami girls appear and tell Kagome that Kikyo's life is running out as the miasma continues to spread throughout her body. They had taken soil from her grave and poured it into the water to help purify the miasma but it's just not strong enough. Since her body was made from holy bones and burial soil it wasn't dissolved by the miasma, but through the open wound in her chest it will continue to spread and kill her. They tell Kagome that she's the only one who can save Kikyo(all she has to do is touch Kikyo's wound to purify the miasma), and that she has the choice of whether to save her or not. Kagome chooses to save her of course. So she goes into the water, puts the soil into Kikyo's wound, and her powers finally purify all of the miasma. Afterwards, Kikyo asks Kagome why she chose to save her.

Kagome: "It's not really a question of making a choice, is it? A person that I could save was right in front of me, and I was told that I was the only one who could save of course I would save you."

Kikyo: "In that case...I won't thank you. Since it was your choice."

As Kikyo leaves, she tells Kagome that she's going to hide a little longer to get her strength back. And as she's walking away, she realizes something...

Kikyo: "There was no Kagome's heart. If there was, the hole in my chest wouldn't be filled. It's still warm..."

It's not until a while later that Inuyasha meets Kikyo again. He tells her that they need to get to the "next world" to find the last shard. However, Kikyo tells him that it will be very dangerous and he shouldn't take Kagome with him...she offers to go instead(since she can see the shards too.) But Inuyasha refuses since she still hadn't made a full recovery. So Kikyo gives Inuyasha one of her arrows, which has holy soil from Onigumo's cave on its tip, and tells him to give it to Kagome. Later on, during the confrontation inside the demon grave, Kagome uses the arrow to destroy Naraku's barrier.
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