Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kagura's death

Kagura, the wind witch dies.( in comic)
Naraku gives her heart back.
But at the same time he injects his shouki(poisonous gas sort of thingy) into her.
She flies away. Inuyasha smells her blood and Naraku's shouki and runs to where she is.
Meanwhile, Kagura's suffering(at least I thought she was) in a flower field. Then Sesshoumaru comes. He says that he smelled Naraku's shouki.
Kagura says that she is sorry to disapoint him but Naraku isn't here.
Then Sesshoumaru says; I knew it was you.
Kagura: You knew?
so you knew and you came
Then Kagura smiles. 'In the end, I was with you'
Then she dies. A wind sweeps the field.
Inuyasha and his friend comes
Inu; Sesshoumaru..!
Inu: Kagura.. was she suffering?
Sesshou: She was smiling
Then Sesshoumaru walks away.

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